A passionate WORDSMITH with an insatiable thirst for ADVENTURE.

I worked for years in the fashion industry in NYC, loving the pace and challenge of creating engaging marketing strategies to grab the attention of curious seekers. My last position was with a wedding dress designer and my passion for creating beautiful narratives to describe the most important garment a bride will ever buy was born.

However, I felt my talent was caged. There are only so many ways you can describe lace!

At the time, I was also writing travel guides on my blog, Brooklyn, I’m Trying, aiming to encourage readers to experience cities through the lens of a modern urban explorer.

“Have Lover, Will Travel” started as a few words I scribbled on the side of my notebook during a meeting & my mind started filling with IDEAS & EXCITEMENT.

One month later I quit my job and started a company that would combine my passion for words, my excitement for travel planning, and my love of love stories.

As a writer, I've always been moved by the power of words to express emotions. And being the one who narrates the words that I’ve written for a couple on their wedding day while witnessing the effect each word has on their closest friends and family is the greatest honor a writer can have.

HLWT is the amalgamation of my talents, my experience, my passions, and all the things that make my heart beat with excitement.

I can’t wait to help tell your story!

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