Bespoke Honeymoons

for the wildly  in love

As a certified travel advisor, I travel extensively to sought-after destinations, and those places that are about to be on your list, so that I can help guide you to your dream destination.

 Planning a honeymoon? Let me save you from those cookie-cutter, all-inclusive, surprise-free experiences. Seeking a lover’s getaway? Let me help you find the perfect place to leave your footprints and that lets your romance fall delicately into place.

your love isn’t cookie-cutter.
your honeymoon shouldn’t be either.


How do we begin planning a honeymoon or romantic getaway worthy of celebrating your love? We’ll schedule an initial call to start brainstorming destinations and so that I can begin learning your travel style. Are you and your lover adventurous or leisurely travelers? Do you love exploring cities or prefer natural vistas? We’ll begin to dream up your ideal getaway while I’ll also note your budget and any special requirements.

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I will begin to craft the ideal trip for you and your lover. Using my own experience and connections within my network of travel professionals, I'll perform extensive research and explore all of the best options to fit your needs. And best of all, this trip will be completely personalized for you, from unique accommodations, excursions, culinary experiences and adventures.

02   |  design

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Great trips start with the right connections. I will communicate with everyone from concierges, tour guides, restaurant managers and with other industry professionals. I ensure that my clients will receive preferred assistance through every aspect of their trip. As reservations are made and your itinerary is being finalized, I will be connecting with you to make sure every detail is taken care of, and that you will receive any upgrades or amenities available. 

03  | connect

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I’ll pass off your finalized itinerary with all transportation, accommodations, planned excursions, dinner reservations and plenty of free time to wander around and get to know your destination. You’ll have all necessary contacts, maps, tickets, and documents accessible digitally and printable as well. Every step will be meticulously planned so you can relax and enjoy discovering a new destination and each other.

04  | Itinerary

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Bon Voyage! While you’re enjoying your trip, I’ll be behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly. If there are any bumps in the road, either myself or a designated contact will be there to assist immediately. You and your partner can confidently enjoy exploring your destination knowing that everything is being taken care of by a industry professional and experienced traveler.

05 | Experience

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When you return with unforgettable memories, I’d love for you to share them with me! We'll set up a post-trip meeting or call to discuss how everything went. I want to hear about all of your favorite moments and see photographs. Any feedback you have about your experience is incredibly appreciated! And of course, I’ll be ready to help plan your next adventure!

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After spending so much time and energy planning your wedding, the last thing you want to do is plan something else. That is why cheesy, all-inclusive honeymoon resorts exist. I’ll take all of the stress out of the travel planning process so you can focus on having the honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of.

Why should I use a Certified Travel Advisor to plan my honeymoon?

While I specialize in a few select countries, my portfolio is truly boundless. I add destinations frequently based on travel trends and client needs. The most important part of selecting a destination is deciding what you want to gain from the experience, and how you and your lover like to experience a place. We’ll work together to select a destination that speaks to your love.

Do you only work with specific destinations?

This is truly what HLWT is all about! I’ll help you plan your wedding at a destination that will transition seamlessly from an event into a romantic getaway. I’ll help organize travel and accommodations for your guests, coordinate local vendors and an event team at your destination, will curate a transportive ceremony that plants your love within the selected setting, and will create an itinerary for you and your lover to enjoy once the festivities have settled.

What if I want to plan a destination wedding that includes a honeymoon?

While I often try to be in certain destinations while my clients are there, it isn’t always possible. However the connections I have fostered during every moment of your trip- from hotel concierges to restaurant managers, local tour guides and proud chefs, will give you the feeling that my HLWT team is there for every step of your journey. And if I’m not there, I will always be a call or text away!

Will you be in the same place we are while we are traveling?

Once we get to know each other and are prepared to move to contract, you’ll have the opportunity to understand all of the details- including not being obligated to pay for experiences you don’t have due to circumstances beyond your control. Trip insurance is naturally part of the experience, so if something unexpected happens, we’ll work through it together.

What happens if I have to cancel the trip suddenly?

You know how your mom used to say, “When the baby sleeps, you sleep"? (My mom always said that!)

I will adopt your time zone during your trip so I will always be available to help you navigate your itinerary and destination. I’m not kidding when I say I’m dedicated, and so passionate about being present for my clients, both in enthusiastic spirit and just a phone call away. 

How will time zones affect our communication?

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