---- The world was created for LOVERS to explore hand in hand marveling at its BEAUTY. You've found that love. Let us pull the rest of the PIECES together.

Weddings  and  wanderlust

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Have Lover, Will Travel is a wedding officiant and honeymoon travel planning company based in Brooklyn, New York.

Weddings  and   wanderlust

Irrepressible … that once in a lifetime stuff.

It’s not the kind that’s made in movies, it’s what cannot be captured by frames or in scripts. It’s the in-between, the looks that pass only between the two of you. The heat in the tiny spaces that exist between your palms. The single silhouette that you become moving slowly at night. It’s beauty, inexplicable and pure. This type of love is the kind you were made to discover. And now with it, hand in hand, discover the world.

You have your lover, your date is set, your bags are packed, and your heart is full. Let me do the rest.

Yeah, it’s that kind of love

“Who cared about logic, or about the working of things? They were young and in love, things like that never matteredwhen you are both of those things.” - Lily Moon River

I like to say I bookend your love story; I’m here for the before and after. I’m a wedding officiant, dedicated to building a ceremony that is personal, memorable, and naturally reflects your love. I’m a honeymoon planner, helping to curate an adventure that will let your love traverse borders and break through boundaries. You’ve found your lover. Let me tell your story and create an adventure together.

Wedding officiant & honeymoon planner

I'm Liz Norment

The ring may symbolize the promise of a lifetime of love together, but your passport will be the booklet where your memories are made. I’ll work with you to plan a trip that reflects your love. Let’s get started.

honeymoon Planning

From the top of Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado to an intimate affair in Chianti, Italy, I’ve shared the love stories of so many adventurous couples, helping them find just the right words to say “I do”. Let me tell your story.

Wedding Officiating

The most unique gift you can give to your guests. I'll set up my 1960 Smith Corona typewriter at your reception and will type out personal love stories for your guests onto custom-designed postcards.

live story typing

Honoring someone you love at an event is both an incredible opportunity and a nerve-wracking experience. Your wedding toast should hit all the right notes; heartfelt and witty, timely and memorable. Let me put it all into words for you.

speeches + toasts

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