I specialize in telling love stories. LET ME TELL YOURS.

----- You deserve SO MUCH MORE than a canned ceremony that is little more than LEGALLY BINDING.

Your relationship has been filled with adventure and excitement, memories and magic, growth and learning, and that look you give each other that makes you feel like there’s no one else in the room.

Because that’s what love is.

As your wedding officiant, I will work with you to create a ceremony that is memorable, captivating, & deeply personal.

I draw my inspiration from poetry and travel, from artists and the subjects they bring to life, from musicians and lyrics as they dance upon the notes, but mostly, by the love you share.

I choose words that are evocative of pure, raw emotion; a passionate embrace, an intimate conversation, a tearful reunion, a mischievous wink. Now let me choose some for you. Let me be the voice that unites you, formally and forever. Let me tell your story.

A complete package for weddings with 50+ guests. I’ll work with you to create a fully-customized ceremony that is as unique as your love story and will be unforgettable for you and your guests. This package includes:

Starting at $1400

Full Ceremony Planning

A custom, personalized ceremony that is built based on the HLWT approach to learning your love story and family history

A fully collaborative editing process with up to 6 hours of pre-ceremony calls or meetings

Recommended readings and rituals

Coordination with planning team, photographer, and vendors

Assistance with obtaining your marriage license and filing of the license on your behalf

Pop-up weddings allow the moment of your union to be the focal point of your day. Let us ensure that your pop-up nuptials will be far from clandestine. Events with less than 50 guests. This package includes:

Starting at $900

Intimate Affairs + “Mini-monies”

Location scouting and research to ensure that the couple's vision is reimagined in an elopement-style ceremony

A day-of coordinator approach to working with your photographer and 'team' to create an elaborately planned yet easily executed elopement

A custom, personalized ceremony that is built based on the HLWT approach to learning your love story and family history

Up to 4 hours of pre-ceremony calls or meetings

Filing of the marriage license after the ceremony

Just the two of you and a witness. Instead of a courthouse civil signing, stage your union within the iconic landscape of NYC. I’ll work with you to find a setting that is reflective of your love story and am happy to coordinate a virtual element if desired. This package includes:

Starting at $600


Assistance in location scouting to choose a legal and fitting site for the elopement

A standard, meaningful ceremony with limited personalization

Filing of the marriage license after the ceremony

Planning a destination wedding that you need to make official beforehand? Or do you want a friend or relative to perform the ceremony, but need someone to fill out the marriage license? Or maybe you just kind of hate all of the wedding stuff but really love your partner, and want to keep things as simple as possible. I can take care of the legal details. This package includes:

Starting at $250

Just Make It Legal

A simple ceremony limited to legal affirmations

Filing of the marriage license after the ceremony

A story that seamlessly weaves together the adventures of the couple and the history of the landscape upon which the ceremony is held

A custom, personalized ceremony that is built based on the HLWT approach to learning your love story and family history

Custom vows and ring exchange with inspiration drawn from the destination Up to 4 hours of pre-ceremony calls or meetings

Extensive research into the laws regarding marriages per the jurisdiction of the ceremony

Assistance with procuring and filing of the wedding license

Have Lover, Will Travel was built upon an adventurous, boundless love that never stops exploring. We write love stories for the wild at heart. Let us tell your story, wherever your love may lead you. This package includes:

Destination Wedding Packages

Sarah-Jane + Spencer

El Yunque rainforest, puerto rico

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We were excited to work with Liz from the moment we met with her. We loved her creative energy immediately. Her words are incredible; we laughed and teared up from the very first draft she sent us. She captured our story beautifully and the collaborative editing process was wonderful. She honored our families and backgrounds so meaningfully. Liz made us feel heard and special, and that carried through the entire wedding. We can’t thank her enough for making our day so seamless and one of a kind.

We loved her creative energy immediately.

Lily C.

"Liz is a marvel. She captured our love and values so perfectly, it felt like we had hired a mind reader. No joke - in the middle of my own wedding I turned to her and shouted "GOD YOU'RE GOOD!" During the reception, some of our guests told me they were glad I did because they were thinking the same thing. Liz brings to her work the sharpness of an event planner, the intuition of an artist, and the warmth of a friend. Her preparation is rigorous. She carefully collects the gems of the relationship and unveils them throughout the ceremony in a way that makes you discover them all over again. I urgently recommend this woman."

The ceremony Liz crafted for us was elegant, magical, and heartbreakingly beautiful.

Seth C.

“Liz went above and beyond. Even though we only knew her for the few weeks we were planning our wedding. Her love story captured everything about our lives. She was on time, efficient, and extremely helpful. I’m so glad we decided to use Liz. It made it so much easier standing up there with someone that we felt we knew.”

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to officiate our wedding.

Shardae W.




I’ll set up a meeting (in-person or virtual!) to get to know you and your partner and learn a few details about your wedding plans. During the meeting, I’ll walk you through my ceremony outline so you can envision how the creation process will be reflective of your love story. I’ll send you a follow-up email to review the ceremony outline we discussed (no need to take notes!) so you’ll have all the information needed to make a decision. And, I’ll reserve your wedding date for a week following our meeting.

01   |  Discovery Call

01 / 06

02 / 06

Once you decide to move forward with HLWT as your officiant, I’ll revise your outline with a ton of personalized questions that will be evocative of you and your partner’s love story. I’ll require both partners to respond separately and to answer the questions in a conversational, stream-of-consciousness style. And please skip over any questions that don’t feel personal to your relationship! From there, I’ll set deadlines to keep us all on track as we work to build your ceremony.

02   |  Your Story

03 / 06

While I’m writing your ceremony, I fully immerse myself in the responses that you and your partner have shared. I conjure up details about the setting for the ceremony that will bring your guests into the scene. I let myself get lost in stories of your adventures and romance. I use my expressive style of writing to invite your guests into the story of your love,, from the first interaction to the proposal. I create custom vows based on your dynamic as a couple, and offer inspiration for readings to be included in the ceremony.  


04 / 06

During our collaborative editing process, I’ll allow you to review as much of the ceremony as you wish to review. Most couples prefer to keep the “love story” section a surprise until the wedding day. However, I require extra scrutiny on the sections that mention family history to make sure your families feel properly represented (no matter how complicated they may seem!) I’ll make sure that the ceremony feels representative of you and your love and is well-balanced with deep emotion and light-hearted humor.


05 / 06

I’ll arrive early to coordinate with your team on wedding day for sound checks, to review the marriage license, and to make sure that your wedding party is informed and prepared. During the ceremony, I’ll take my time to make sure every detail of your story is felt by your guests. I’ll be sure to address family directly when they are mentioned. And, I always step away slightly during the pronouncement so that the grand finale and kiss puts you and your partner at the center of the attention.

05 / 06 | WEDDING DAY

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